This news is not strictly grammarians-related, but I hope it will be useful for many of us:

Maïeul, the person in charge of maintaining ledmac (the LaTex package for typesetting critical edition), has just realized a new package called “Eledmac“.

I have tested it yesterday and it is easier than the old ledmac (and amongst the new features there is one that resolves the issue of the the repetition of line numbers in the apparatus). The transition from ledmac to eledmac was smooth (you just have to change your preamble) and Maïeul is very keen on helping users and receiving feeedbacks.

I invite you all to check it out (and soon we will start to publish tutorials).


3 réflexions sur « Eledmac! »

  1. Le tréma est rétabli. Et je vais me plonger dans votre billet sur la formalisation des variantes, car il répond justement à une question que je me posais. Je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de me plonger dans votre livre, mais il m’a déjà servi à résoudre quelques problèmes pratiques…Merci beaucoup !

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