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LaTeX per filologi!

Segnaliamo con piacere due bellissime iniziative, volte a far conoscere ai filologi -classici, ma non solo- le enormi potenzialità di LaTeX (per chi non sapesse di cosa di tratti, una presentazione in lingua italiana nel sito del GUIT, il Gruppo Utilizzatori Italiani di TEX).

La prima iniziativa è la Winter School on LaTeX for Critical Editions, che avrà luogo a Vercelli, Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, nei giorni 27-31 gennaio 2014. Di seguito una presentazione in lingua inglese dell’iniziativa:

The school is aimed particularly, but not exclusively, to postgraduate and postdoc students.
It will teach from scratch how to build a critical edition of a classical text (testbed made by one
short Latin text with a small tradition – no more than 4-5 mss) using LaTeX, in order to have files
ready for typographic printing (comparison of mss, stemma generation, bibliography management
and much more). The school will be taught in English.
The lessons are divided between two-days of general LaTeX, which will be taught by Claudio
Beccari (emeritus of Politecnico di Torino) of Gruppo utilizzatori Italiani di TeX (GuIT) and
moderator of its forum; and 3 days of philological LaTeX, which will be taught by Guido Milanese
(Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano), an Italian scholar which uses LaTeX for textual
There are 12 places available, enrollment is free, but all interested people should apply writing to and attach a motivational letter, which will be evaluated by the scientific
Deadline for the application is January 10 2014.
At the end of every section of the school (general LaTeX; philological LaTeX) the participants will
receive a certificate of attendance. [A note on ‘split enrollment’: it is possible to ask to enroll only
for the 2 initial days on general LaTeX, but enrollment for the 3 philological days must be
supported by proof of knowledge of at least basic LaTeX]
Accommodation will be available in the university residence, and at an agreed price in a hotel in
Vercelli. We are also planning to offer some social events (visit to the Vercelli Book; evening/night
in Turin for some wandering around…). Practical details will be mailed to the successful applicants.
For further information, please feel free to contact Maurizio Lana (

La seconda iniziativa è CeTeX: Corso di Edizione Critica al computer con TeX/LaTeX, tenuto presso la Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Roma) dal prof. Jerónimo Leal. Tutte le informazioni sono disponibili a questo indirizzo.

Il mondo LaTeX non ha più segreti, nemmeno per i filologi: qualcuno di voi ha partecipato ad analoghe iniziative o ha intenzione di partecipare? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti!


This news is not strictly grammarians-related, but I hope it will be useful for many of us:

Maïeul, the person in charge of maintaining ledmac (the LaTex package for typesetting critical edition), has just realized a new package called “Eledmac“.

I have tested it yesterday and it is easier than the old ledmac (and amongst the new features there is one that resolves the issue of the the repetition of line numbers in the apparatus). The transition from ledmac to eledmac was smooth (you just have to change your preamble) and Maïeul is very keen on helping users and receiving feeedbacks.

I invite you all to check it out (and soon we will start to publish tutorials).