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Catherine ATHERTON is Adjunct Associate Professor of the Faculty of Classics and Philosophy at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Her research and teaching interests include Hellenistic philosophy, ancient grammarians, history of the theory of language, and the Herculaneum papyri. She publishes mainly in the fields of ancient philosophy, rhetoric and grammar.

David BLANK is Professor of the Faculty of Classics at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). His interests lie in ancient philosophy, rhetoric, grammar and philology. He has worked extensively on ancient grammatical texts and their philosophical presuppositions, and this has him me to a broad interest in the relation between philosophical and technical studies and uses of language and literature in antiquity. He has also written on a range of Greek and Latin philosophical texts, from the Presocratics to the late Platonist and Aristotelian commentator Ammonius, paying particular attention to the ways in which their texts work and what it means to each of them to do philosophy. Much of his attention now focuses on the Epicurean papyri from Herculaneum, especially those of Philodemus’ Rhetoric, and he is editing several books of that work for the Oxford series of The Aesthetic Works of Philodemus.

Robert KASTER is Kennedy Foundation Professor of Latin Language and Literature and Professor of Classics at Princeton University (New Jersey). He has taught and written mainly in the areas of Roman rhetoric, the history of ancient education, Roman ethics, and textual criticism. In the field of ancient grammar, he is the author of the standard book Guardians of Language: The Grammarian and Society in Late Antiquity (Berkeley 1988), of a critical edition and annotated translation of Suetonius (De grammaticis et rhetoribus, 1995) and of the new OCT and Loeb edition of Macrobius’ Saturnalia (OCT and Loeb 2011).

Matthew McGOWAN is Associate Professor at Fordham University (Jesuit University of New York). He has recently begun work on a concise introduction to Latin lexicography.

James E. G. ZETZEL is Professor of  Latin Language and Literature at Columbia University (New York). He is interested in Latin Literature of the first century BCE, in Roman scholarship and intellectual life, and in History of classical scholarship. He is currently preparing for Oxford University Press a book (tentatively) entitled Critics, Compilers, and Commentators: A Guide to Roman Textual and Grammatical Scholarship, which intends to be a Roman equivalent to Eleanor Dickey’s Greek Scholarship

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